Are you an authorized TiVo reseller?

Yes, we are authorized to sell TiVo DVR units and accessories.  Most of the units we sell are acquired directly from TiVo, although from time to time we use other authorized TiVo distributors as a source for our systems and accessories.  None of the TiVo Premiere systems we sell are refurbished however if we were to sell items that way, they would be clearly labeled as such.

Is modification of my TiVo legal?

Yes, modification of your unit, either on your own, or by using one of our kits, is completely legal. By opening your unit, you will void the original manufacturer’s warranty. With that said, most failures are due to the hard drive, which can be easily replaced, so the risk is worthwhile. Modification using our kits and services does not relate to theft of the TiVo service or intellectual property in any way, shape or form. TiVo, Inc. has no problems with these activities, and we’ve maintained a positive relationship with TiVo, Inc. since our company’s inception, which pre-dates that of all of our competitors.

DVRupgrade is Building a new Server

Welcome to DVRupgrade!

If you’ve ever been to our site before, you can see that it looks pretty different now.

Our old server was very, very old, and was beyond the point of being upgradeable. But as technology marched on, our site became increasingly incompatible with many technologies that we and our customers use, including UPS and PayPal.

While we were hoping for a smoother transition to a ready-to-go site, some hardware issues on the old server made that luxury an impossibility. So, for now, the new site is a work-in-progress.

We know that many of you used our old site as a valuable reference source for TiVo information, especially surrounding our InstantCake and PTVnet products. First, those products are available for sale and download again. Next, we’re working to restore the reference information from the knowledgebase, the forums, and the blog on the old server.

At this point, since this transition is happening faster than we anticipated, we’re working on getting the core functionality – the products and data – on the site first, and we’ll work on getting the look spruced up a bit later. Please bear with us.

Thanks for visiting!

My TiVo is stuck on the ‘Powering Up…’ screen. What does this mean?

It is likely that this problem could be a bad hard drive and can easily be repaired with a replacement drive kit. There is also a chance that the power supply or motherboard is damaged and will require repair by our authorized service center. If you’ve just installed one of our kits and are stuck at the “Powering up…” screen, you should double-check your connections, and ensure you’ve not changed any jumper settings to anything other than instructed.

InstantCake for Series1 Standalone Units (Release Notes)

TiVo Models Supported

Philips PTV100, PTV300, HDR110, HDR112, HDR212, HDR312, HDR31201, HDR31202, HDR31203, HDR31204, HDR612 
Sony SVR-2000

Software Revision Information

InstantCake for ALL Series1 standalone models contains version 3.0 of the TiVo operating environment.  TiVo announced end-of-life (EOL) for this product over five years ago, so this is not expected to change.

TiVoWebPlus Edition

InstantCake TWP Editition for your Series1 unit includes LBA48 support, large swap, and has been tested to run on drives as large as 750 GB. This special version of InstantCake will build the equivalent of our TiVoWebPlus replacement drive kits featuring TiVoWebPlus 2.0 — this means you can purchase a TurboNet or CacheCard separately and install it in your unit, connect it to your home network, and access it via any PC/MAC browser for remote scheduling and management. You can even use our popular, and free GoToMyDVR service to access your unit automatically (this free service may be terminated at any time). Your upgraded system will also be configured with telnet/ftp; if you are inclined, you can install additional modifications, as well!

Product Specific Notes

InstantCake for your Series1 standalone units includes LBA48 support, large swap, and has been tested to run on drives as large as 750GB. InstantCake will build the equivalent of DVRupgrade NetReady replacement drive kits; these are drives with TurboNet and CacheCard drivers installed, as well as bash serial access enabled. You can purchase a TurboNet or CacheCard separately and do the software configuration yourself without reinstalling the drive in a PC. More information regarding NetReady can be found here. Note that if you are using an external modem plugged into your serial port, you may need to disable BASH access to prevent conflicts.  We recommend the use of TurboNet cards instead of external modems.  Also note that InstantCake does not support TiVoNet adapters; only TurboNet and CacheCard adapters.

Drive Sizes

Drives must be larger than the original drives in your unit to accommodate larger swap size. We recommend you keep your original drive as a backup and use a replacement drive that is significantly larger. We do not recommend attempting to build any kits larger than the ones we provide. To see largest kits available you can go to our web site and select your TiVo make/model to view drive sizes used when building kits.

Additional Information

Please consult the InstantCake Instructions for proper use of this product.

Remember, DVRupgrade does not provide direct support for the use of DIY software utilities!