PTVnet and PTVnetHD Software CD Instructions

The following is an excerpt of the instructions published at DVRplayground .  The instructions published on DVRplayground are also combined with a discussion thread which you may find useful.

PTVnet/PTVnetHD DIY Software CD Instructions

The PTVnet Software Utility is a Linux Boot CD distributed in ISO format. We expect, the savvy computer user that you are, that you know how to burn an ISO to CD.

If you don’t, here’s a good place to start. If its still not making sense to you… well, we recommend you consider purchasing a full upgrade kit, or using our professional installation services. DIY tools are not intended for everyone.

Once you’ve burned your ISO, you will need to shutdown your computer, connect one or two drives intended for use in your DVR and carefully follow the boot screens and system prompts.

You will need to know the configuration of your CD-ROM drive (is it on the primary/secondary master or slave?) as well as the configuration of your TiVo drive(s). We highly recommend you disconnect your PC’s system drive, or any other drives which contain important data on them – this will reduce the possibility that you will accidentally overwrite any important data.

Note: If you are using InstantCake in conjunction with PTVnet, please boot your PTVnet disk FIRST and then supply the InstantCake CD when prompted. Some folks have reported problems when building a disk with InstantCake, and then rebooting and installing PTVnet; this would not be expected to work unless the freshly “baked” drive is first installed in your TiVo, and then reconnect to your PC for PTVnet configuration. Clearly the recommended method is faster.

That is it.  Now go ahead and read the PTVnet support information here, and you’ll be good to go!

Do I still need to use a phone line with PTVnet?

No, you do not need to connect your unit to a phone line. By default, the requirement to make a periodic phone call is turned off. Not making a periodic call through your phone line is preferred by many people who have upgraded TiVo systems because this is how software updates are downloaded, and any software updates are likely to render your modifications unusable. Please do not be alarmed by this! It simply means that new versions of software overwrite older versions, and since we’ve made significant modifications to the software, they would be overwritten if your TiVo is updated with new software. With that said, we are working on technologies to allow your system to receive and update and to give you manual control of when that update is installed so you can preserve your modifications. Lastly, disconnecting your TiVo DVR from your phone line will require that you schedule your Pay-Per-View events by calling DirecTV or using their web page to schedule the programming.

Convert Download to Shippable Item

I can not burn my downloadable item.  Can you send me a CD version instead?

Sorry, we can not.  We do ask that you have a full understanding of how to burn ISO images before you complete checkout.

If you must have a CD version of the product you will have to order it separately.

Some Helpful Pointers:

  • If you are able to extract the iso from the zip file, then your download item is complete.  If you are not, then you can try re-downloading again. If you have exceeded your download attempts, we will re-enable them as a one time courtesy, however if you have lost or misplaced your DIY product and need the links regenerated, we will not allow a regeneration.  Download regenerations are only for those who are having trouble initially getting a good download.
  • Make sure you are burning the iso as an image and not trying to extract the contents of the ISO and trying to burn them.  The ISO is a complete, bootable image that just needs to be written as a bootable image.
  • It has been reported that if you are using Nero Express you will not be able to burn an ISO image so make sure if you do not have the Nero FULL Version installed you can download their free trial version.
  • Try burning at a slower speed or try a different media or a combination of both.

Lost DIY download or CD

I have deleted or lost my DIY download product or DIY CD.  Can I download it again or have you ship me another copy?

Unfortunately, no. DIY products fall under your responsibility and therefore we can’t help with lost or misplaced items.  If you have recently purchased an item from our cart and have your login email, login and see if you have an available download left.  If you do, you can go ahead and download it again. If you don’t, then you will have to purchase another copy as we only re-generate downloads for those who are having trouble initially getting a good download, not for those who need help replacing their lost items or for those who just want to download as many times as they can.

If you have received your order confirmation for you DIY product, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the email where it says Log In.  Your user name and password is something you setup yourself so please make sure you remember that.  If you do not, you can request a re-set password but the system is completely automated and we have no control over it.

If you have previously purchased a DIY CD from us and have misplaced it, you will have to purchase another copy as we only ship out 1 copy per order.

DIY Software Question or Support Issue

I have a question about InstantCake, PTVnet, or one of your TiVo Upgrade Boot CDs. How can I get the answer?

We do not provide direct support for these products. This allows us to keep prices low and keeps these products as true to their nature as possible – after all, they are DIY products, and the expectation is that you will spend the time and effort to learn to use these tools without our assistance.