TiVo announced the enabling of their esata ports and the availability of the my DVR expander, will these work with your units?

The My DVR Expander will work on units purchased from us as long as they have not been upgraded or contain a “primary” drive that has already been expanded.  We do not disable the ability for the My DVR Expander to work properly, but it is a function of the tools used in the upgrade community – to date there is no known way to offer an upgraded unit that will also work with a My DVR Expander as a “plug and play” device.   There is a way to configure an upgraded TiVo to work with a My DVR Expander, however it involves reconfiguration of the software on both of the drives, so we’d need all the equipment here to do so.  With that in mind, we will always recommend single drive configurations over dual drive configurations be cause they are inherently more reliable.