How long will it take to upgrade my TiVo if I purchase a TiVo upgrade kit?

If you have a one-drive TiVo and purchase a TiVo Upgrade Kit from us, expect to spend about 10-30 minutes to upgrade the TiVo (once it is disconnected from your TV/entertainment system). Essentially, for an ADD kit for a standalone TiVo, your only tasks are (1) to secure the pre-formatted TiVo drive we send you to the bracket that we send you (other models don’t even require a bracket), using the step-by-step instructions that we provide (approximately 5 minutes); (2) to open your TiVo using the Torx screwdriver that we supply and the “tried and true” instructions that we provide (approx 5 minutes); (3) installing the drive in the TiVo, using the step-by-step instructions that we provide (approx 3-5 minutes); and (4) closing the TiVo, using our instructions (approx 3 minutes).

If you have a two-drive TiVo and are replacing both drives with one or two drives, the level of complexity is no greater than with a one-drive TiVo, but it will take an extra 10-15 minutes to remove and replace the extra drive.

Installation of an upgrade kit containing Series2 bracket should take between 15-45 minutes The Series2 bracket was designed to install very quickly and easily and the installation instructions are fully illustrated.

NOTE: We wrote our TiVo upgrade installation instructions ourselves and we took a long time in doing so. To this day (or at least as of the date we last updated this FAQ entry-a good three+ years after we started selling TiVo Upgrade Kits), we have had very few TiVo upgrade purchasers call us or email with installation questions, which we believe suggests that our instructions are complete and simple. However, we are readily available to answer questions for any of our TiVo Upgrade Kit purchasers. Just send us anĀ email.