How do the Series 1 Standalone TiVo DVRs differ from the Series 2 TiVo DVRs?

  • Smaller footprint – the TiVo itself is smaller than the older models from Philips and Sony.
  • Better components – the original components were good, but some components (especially modems) began to fail over time. We have yet to see a failed modem in a Series2 TiVo.
  • Faster processor and more RAM – Ever wait when you set a Season Pass or scroll through a list? These new units are up to four times as fast as the older ones.
  • USB ports – The new units have two USB ports that can be used to access local ethernet networks for guide data (TiVo service is still needed). The home media features, including TiVoToGo, can be used on standalone Series 2 units as well, enabling you to move content from your TiVo DVR to your PC.