CableCARD Firmware Update

During installation, if the configuration screen does not come up within 5 minutes after a CableCARD is inserted in the DVR, the card is probably undergoing a firmware update. Firmware is software that is stored in the CableCARD’s hardware. Some CableCARDs will display a message, but other CableCARDs will simply appear to “hang” when a firmware update is in progress.  If you go to the CableCARD menu, however, the you will see”Card Not In Normal Operation” instead of the menu items, and if you select Test Channels you will see a message that a firmware update is in progress.

Your cable provider may also send a firmware update at any time after installation. This is uncommon, but if it happens, you will see a message that a firmware update is in progress when you view live TV.

Firmware updates are sent by the cable provider through the cable connection, and cannot be controlled by TiVo. DO NOT remove the CableCARD or unplug the DVR while an update is in progress, or you could permanently damage the card.

Firmware updates may take up to 40 minutes. If the CableCARD has not yet been activated, the configuration screen will appear immediately after the update is complete. The cable provider can then proceed with activating the card. If the CableCARD was already activated, it will resume working as usual after the update is complete.

If the process takes more than 40 minutes, or the update stops and then restarts, the firmware update failed and the CableCARD is unusable. If the installer is not there, you will need to contact your cable provider to get a replacement CableCARD installed and activated.